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Dead Letter Circus

Kim Benzie vocals  |  Clint Vincent guitar  |  Luke Palmer guitar  |  Stewart Hill bass  |  Luke Williams drums


æsthesis: (noun) es•the•sis
the process of feeling, an unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation

The awakening of the senses. Aesthesis is hard to define but impossible to deny, and as such is the perfect title for Dead Letter Circus’ spectacular third album. A testament to their status as one of Australia’s best-loved and most successful modern rock bands, it’s a muscular statement of intent that takes their sweeping vision to new heights. Aesthesis is as rooted in the restless kinetic energy the band conjure live as it is the intricate songwriting of frontman Kim Benzie. Their most complete work yet, and one that shows the benefit of well over a decade on the road, Aesthesis was produced by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Birds Of Tokyo) and Matthew Bartlem (Matt Corby, Jarryd James) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (Muse, Green Day).

Historically, a band’s third album is where they take flight – think White Pony, OK Computer, Master Of Puppets, Mezzanine – and Aesthesis is the sound of Dead Letter Circus growing wings. First single ‘While You Wait’ has already taken up residence on the nation’s airwaves as an example of the delights that await.

”We had no idea of what we were creating at the time, stylistically or emotionally,” remembers Benzie. “It simply felt as if each song presented itself to us as it was uncovered. It wasn’t until we were a few songs deep that we realised we had found a new fresh direction. The vibe between the band was fucking electric.”

What Aesthesis does best, though, is wrap up everything great about Dead Letter Circus and present it in typically soaring fashion, a revitalisation even for a band never short of ideas. Benzie, guitarists Clint Vincent and Luke Palmer, bassist Stewart Hill and drummer Luke Williams have used the spirit of debut This Is The Warning and follow-up The Catalyst Fire’s groundbreaking power to create something that may have echoes in the past, but which will resonate long into the future.

“‘Silence’ was a very intense song to create. It had this seething unsettling yet alluring quality to it that took me to a very dark but cathartic place for a few days,” says Benzie.

Aesthesis represents a new chapter for Dead Letter Circus. And as it’s a thoroughly modern album, Aesthesis‘ concerns are contemporary and timeless, personal and social. “Lyrically on Aesthesis I felt super-exposed and uncomfortable as I attempted to snapshot this point in our evolution but as each song reached completion I realised I’d arrived at a place of hope I could only find after truly letting go,” finishes Benzie.

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