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J Hurley Vocals  |  Jot Maxi Vocals  |  Josh Gurner Bass  |  Rich Hawking Drums


As vital as they’ve ever been – if not more so, considering what a state the world is in – Hacktivist are back. Not only that, but with the addition of new vocalist and brother-in-arms Jot Maxi, they’re ready to take on Download Festival’s main stage in inimitable style.

Following the amicable departure of Ben Marvin for personal reasons, Jot was the natural choice for a band who pride themselves on being impossible to categorise.

It was his bars that illuminated debut album Outside The Box’s grimecore standout Rotten back in 2016, so it’s fitting that H come back with a heavy artillery rendering of that track.

Welcome to 2 Rotten.

Hacktivist, now comprising vocalists Jot and J Hurley, guitarist & producer Timfy James, bassist Josh Gurner and drummer Rich Hawking, today emerge from the lab battle-hardened and ready to go.

“I’ve got a bitter and violent burning nuclear fury in me which definitely shows in my voice and lyrics,” says Jot. “It’s a pure rage about the direction politics and entertainment are taking this world. The stage is always where I’ve felt I can just be me and let my insanity out. When Timfy and I were discussing joining the band he mentioned how we worked so well in the studio recording Rotten for the first album, but he felt I’ve not really found the right platform yet. This is it.”

“When we parted ways with Ben we knew we wouldn’t have an easy task finding someone to fill his shoes,” explains Timfy. “We decided it would be best to start from scratch and find a new element to the H formula instead of trying to find another Ben. Jot has brought a whole new presence to the mix – new and exciting flows, song concepts and general crazyness. It’s almost like he’s always been there.”

2 Rotten follows Hacktivist’s Over-Throne EP, debut album Outside The Box (both 2016) and 2013’s self-titled EP. New music is coming. Be ready.







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