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Marcus Bridge vocals  Jonathon Deiley guitar  |  Josh Smith guitar  Alex Milovic bass  |  Nic Pettersen drums


Northlane have released their new stand-alone single “Vultures” via UNFD. Northlane’s most aggressive track in years, “Vultures” is the band at their dark and scathing best – but entirely on their own terms.


There’s a vulture waiting to pick at my bones and bury me alive


Confronting those who’ve tried to contain Northlane over the years, “Vultures” is a frantic purge of frustration and bile, carried forth by the band at their heavy best. Northlane frontman Marcus Bridge has been on the receiving end of wild expectation and criticism ever since he stepped up to the microphone in 2015 and he’s had enough.


“The main message is not having to live up to someone’s expectations or live within someone’s idea of what you should be,” says Bridge. “It stems from a built-up number of things over the last few years that comes with people expecting what we are supposed to sound like as a band since I’ve come on board. A lot of that stuff that has given us this feeling to want to talk about it. It’s important to be true to yourself and not let anyone mould you in a way that isn’t the way you want to be.


“Just being able to talk about this subject at a point in time now where I see Northlane as being our band now, I don’t feel like the new guy anymore. It feels like we are finally doing us and it’s all feeling a lot more natural.”


After announcing they’d be taking time out from the Australian touring circuit in early-2018, Northlane had their first real break in years. During this downtime music was never far from their collective minds and feeling inspired and invigorated again, “Vultures” was created.


To bring Vultures to life, Northlane returned to their roots in Western Sydney and recorded the instruments at Chris Blancato’s studio (the same place they recorded the instruments for Hollow Existence and Rot) with vocals laid down at Electric Sun Studios with David Petrovic (where Discoveries was recorded). The band also introduced some new faces into the recording process with Drew Fulk (Motionless in White, Pop Evil) co-producing the track with the band and mixing handled by Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery).


Bridge too has his own personal history at Electric Sun Studios, recording there a decade prior, and revisiting both their pasts really cemented his place within Northlane.


“It was really special to come back Electric Sun and merge mine and Northlane’s history together,” he finishes.


Northlane released their previous album Mesmer in March 2017 as a surprise to fans, which debuted at #3 on the ARIA Chart and earned the band their second ARIA Award for Best Hard Rock / Heavy Metal album that same year. In 2018, Mesmer has been on to be nominated for an AIR award for Best Independent Hard Rock, Heavy or Punk Album, as well as Best Artwork at the Heavy Music Awards.







  • Node #1 ARIA chart debut
  • Node triple j feature album
  • Independent Music Award nomination for Node for Best Independent Heavy Album 2015
  • Singularity (2013) #3 ARIA chart debut
  • Singularity (2013) ARIA award nomination for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album
  • Singularity (2013) Nominated for triple j – J Award for Album of the Year
  • Singularity (2013) #1 triple j Short Fast Loud Album of the Year
  • Singularity (2013) #1 triple j The Racket Album of the Year
  • Blunt Magazine ‘Band Of The Year’ & ‘Album Of The Year’ 2013
  • Alternative Press ‘Best International Band’ Nomination 2015
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods ‘Best New Band’ Nomination 2014
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods ‘Best Music Video’ Nomination 2015 – “Rot”








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