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Shontay Snow Vocals/Keys  |  Bryant Best Vocals  |  Lyndsay Antica Guitar  |  Daniel Reesy Guitar  |  Tylar Rettig Bass  |  Jordan Mather Drums


Before they called it a day, Saviour were one of the most promising young Australian bands in heavy music. Their acclaimed debut album, First Light To My Death Bed, released via UNFD in October 2013 put the band on the fast-track to becoming one of the best in the genre – until their sudden decision to call it a day in early 2014. The announcement left their flourishing fanbase reeling and sparked an outpouring of grief on social media.

While everyone else hung up their instruments at the end of Saviour, frontman Bryant Best jumped straight into his new project I Am Zero and released the EP Darksky via UNFD in 2015. Despite still actively writing and releasing new music, it was always Saviour at the forefront of Best’s mind, so he rallied up the crew and got the band back together.

The freshly rebooted Saviour features three brand new members, including the addition of Shontay Snow who has always had a presence in the band’s music. Snow’s addition to the band as a full-time member not only rejuvenated the line up, but it also helped Saviour reshape their sound for the next leg of their journey.



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Let Me Leave was released in January and backed up by a phenomenal set at UNIFY 2017 a day later. Texture and complexity are the stuff of love, and Let Me Leave is one of the most wonderfully rich and heartfelt albums to come out of the Australian hardcore scene in decades. As delicate as they are muscular, these 10 remarkable songs take flight on the back of the unique vocal interplay between Shontay Snow and Bryant Best, in which The Music declared, “This band exists in a zone of their own,” while Killyourstereo have already labelled it “the best break-up record of 2017”.

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Jaded: Watch Here | Taken from First Light To My Death Bed (2013)
Morning: Watch Here | Taken from First Light To My Death Bed (2013)
Pressure And Composure: Watch Here | Taken from Let Me Leave (2017)
The Quiet Calm: Watch Here | Taken From Let Me Leave (2017)
April: Watch Here | Taken from Let Me Leave (2017)
Empty Skies: Watch Here | Single (2017)

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Saviour – 2017

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First Light To My Death Bed – 2013
Let Me Leave – 2017
Empty Skies – 2018