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Morgan Dodson vocals  |  Nic Dodson guitar  |  Sean Young guitar  |  Luke Fuller bass  |  Roscoe Frazier drums


In the darkness, it grew. In self-imposed exile after the release of the Void EP in 2013, Sydney’s most creative sons grafted for months trying to capture the darkness and tension that lurks just below the surface. The result, in the shape of the titanic The Youth to Become, is a powerful demonstration of just what’s possible if talent meets dedication. A record of poise and punch, Stories’ debut full-length is the sound of five young men rewriting the rules of heavy music.

Led by the magnetic Morgan Dodson, Stories have created a record that aches with taut pressure. The Youth To Become is a caustic blast of energy created by Dodson, his guitarist brother Nic, guitarist Sean Young, bassist Luke Fuller and drummer Roscoe Frazier that has roots in the likes of Mastodon, Northlane and Lamb Of God but which never dwells too long on a particular influence. And considering they were discovered by Northlane guitarist Josh Smith, who nurtured them from an early stage, that scope makes sense.

“Josh approached our band in the early days of us playing some of our first local shows,” remembers Morgan. “He offered to help us pretty much get off the ground. His guidance over the years really set us in the right path and was fundamental to the growth of our band up until this point. Eventually UNFD approached us, and with Josh we set up a really strong team.”

With two brothers guiding the creative process – Nic writes the music and Morgan the lyrics – Stories have evolved into one of the most exciting young heavy bands in the world. “Because we’re brothers, we tend to be on the same sort of track with a lot of our opinions and feelings,” explains Morgan. “This has been the case since I can remember. Since we started writing The Youth To Become, our bond has certainly strengthened more and more, and I definitely feel like we make a good team when working anything creative together.” And that bond drove Morgan to rebuild his vocal technique from the ground up in order to fit the new level of intensity and complexity the music his brother was writing contained. “This was one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had to face,” continues the singer, “ditching all technique I had developed over the course of our band in order to retrain my voice to achieve something that would not only fit our new sound, but give me a better platform to convey different emotion and ideas.”

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