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Stray From The Path

Drew York Vocals  |  Thomas Williams Guitar  |  Dan Bourke Drums  |  Anthony Altamura Bass


Stray From The Path are a four piece alternative hardcore band, hailing from Long Island, New York. Stray have made it their mission to take the often-untapped issues that plague the society of the human race. From the law enforcement, to the individuals in bands that take advantage of the sacred supporters of this music scene, Stray show no mercy in their lyrics when they see injustice.

Comprised of Thomas Williams on guitar, Drew York on vocals, Dan Bourke on drums and Anthony ‘Dragon Neck’ Altamura on bass, the band strive for a style of music that is not common in the modern age. Without the crutch of computers, and the perfect pace of a click track, Stray From The Path delivers an unpredictable raw emotion that feeds of the energy of the people.

With the supports of the band acting as the fuel to the fire, Stray have only intensified as their career marches on. With their latest effort Subliminal Criminals out now via UNFD, we are seeing a side of the band that we could all see was coming, but are still not ready for it!

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Featured Video: Outbreak
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Stray From The Path’s hard-hitting new album Subliminal Criminals is out now via UNFD.
New York’s Stray From The Path are known for their politically charged lyrics – and Subliminal Criminals is no exception. Featuring tracks such as ‘Badge & A Bullet Part II’, a commentary on the strained relationship between law enforcement and civilians, the band asks those in positions of power: “Which side are you walking on?”.

Stray From The Path first visited Australia in 2013 supporting Northlane on their ‘Singularity’ tour and were then welcomed back last year on The Amity Affliction’s massive ‘Let The Ocean Take Me’ tour.

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Facebook: facebook.com/Strayfromthepath
Twitter: twitter.com/strayfromdapath
Instagram: instagram.com/strayfromthepath/


Outbreak: Watch Here | Taken from Subliminal Criminals (2015)

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Stray From The Path – 2015 – HIRES

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Subliminal Criminals – 2015 – HIRES


Stray From The Path Logo – HIRES


Stray From The Path Bio – 2015