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Void of Vision

The void is hungry. It claims all and gives nothing back. The void is here, now. Its inky blackness is a mirror.


Void Of Vision number five souls. A soul is a heavy thing. Especially when it carries sad, bitter anger.


“Children Of Chrome are the people who give a fuck. We need them now more than anything.”


Eleven songs of protest, power and sheer energy. The world has changed with less.


“When all the lines are read between / You’ll begin to find nothing is as it seems.”


Listen: “This anger will not subdue until we have found a better way of living.”


The only explanation for this much fury is a deep love for the human race.


“The world is filled with so much hate, and it’s only getting worse.”


Drew York is a collaborator on this document of rage.


Words on this page were spoken by Jack Bergin.


The void takes all. The void gives nothing.


“Open your mouths. Open them now.”


The worm still feeds hungrily.


All might not be lost


Look into the void.


And hope.







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