Country:- United States

Friday 17 August, 2018

Columbus have released a new video for their single “Cut It Out”. Lifted from their second album, A Hot Take On Heartbreak (released back in May on UNFD), the video premiered on Apple Music this week and follows a couple who pull off a robbery in ’50s Australia and the aftermath on their relationship.

Click below to watch the video for “Cut It Out”.

Vocalist Alex Moses says the song idea was sparked by his girlfriend experiencing pain she couldn’t manage: “‘Cut it’ out is a song about watching people close to you deal with situations they can’t control. What started as a song about my girlfriend’s endometriosis, ‘Cut it Out’ became a dark commentary on hard times and pain in general. We’re excited to see ‘Cut It Out’ come to life in our new video, which while not directly drawing on the themes in the song, tells its own story about struggle, pain and loss.” 

Columbus – “Cut It Out” is out now and A Hot Take on Heartbreak is available on all streaming services.

Columbus – A Hot Take On Heartbreak is out now on UNFD.