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Set for release on May 26 via UNFD, Ark pays homage to the past as much as it signals a bright new future for conscious heavy music with the band partnering up with Tangaroa Blue for We Are Waterborne: An In Hearts Wake Initiative to lead a series of clean-ups along of some of the most polluted waterways on the east coast of Australia.

In conjunction with the release of Ark, In Hearts Wake have joined forces with Tangaroa Blue for We Are Waterborne: An In Hearts Wake Initiative to lead a series of waterway clean-ups in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and at home in Byron Bay. Marine debris is one of the major environmental issues worldwide and In Hearts Wake are calling upon their fans to join them in these clean-ups, as well as encouraging fans to form their own clean up crews to tackle their local problem waterways. In Hearts Wake plan to take the initiative global with a series of clean-ups in the works for future overseas tours.

The band released a statement today outlining their intentions for the project and inviting fans to join them in cleaning up their local waterway areas around the world.

Hello Friends,

In case you missed it, our new album ARK is being released worldwide on May 26th. Usually during release week, we would do a series of instore signings and meet with our fans to celebrate the album, which is always a blast. However, This time around we wanted to channel our resources and time into something that can make a real difference. 

We will be asking you guys to join us as we clean up some of the most polluted waterways in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay. We’ve formed a partnership with Tangaroa Blue, who will provide equipment for the clean up. We will also be making a special In Hearts Wake Clean-Up Crew T-shirt, which we will be giving out for free to everyone who attends. And of course, all of us will be there to hang out and meet you all too.

For our fans in the UK & Europe, we’re working on doing something similar with you guys too. More information will be released on this in due course.

In addition to these scheduled clean-ups, we would love for you to help make a difference too, wherever you are. Water ways all over the world have been polluted, which has had a real effect on local communities, and the fragile ecosystem of our planet which supports all life. If you want to be a part of our We Are Waterborne initiative, all you have to do is pull together people in your local area and we will make sure our T-shirts reach you and your Clean-Up Crew!

This is a call to arms!”

Register your interest for the Australian clean-up crew here: