Country:- United States

Northlane have released a new single ‘Intuition’ after premiering the single at UNIFY 2017. Fans were caught by surprise by the live debut and news of the new song spread rapidly on the Internet, with fan footage being posted on YouTube prior to the official release of ‘Intuition’.

“It’s time to release this beast into the wild.” says Northlane guitarist Josh Smith. “We decided to premiere it at UNIFY 2017 because it’s a special place for us, and we were floored with the response the first time we played it live. So now it’s time for the rest of the world to hear ‘Intuition’.”

‘Intuition’ is the first new music from Northlane since the release of the Equinox EP, a collaboration with label mates In Hearts Wake.

Northlane Intuition out now via UNFD