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In a world where nobody knows the entire truth about why we’re here, who built the pyramids and what they were for, why we have such a destructive nature towards our planet and ourselves…A world where the only thing we know for sure is that we are living in a well-constructed downward spiral and the technologies that were supposed to make things better are of course making us worse. In a world where any attempt to find the truth or talk about these systematic anomalies gets labelled as a “conspiracy theory” – finally the conspiracies are stepping out of the darkness and theories are being proven daily. As Science Fiction is becoming more and more factual and it’s getting very clear that we are on the brink of a revolution of sorts, HACKTIVIST are here to paint a silver lining around our clouded society. With not only a musical revolution of their own, continually blending genres in a way like no others, H also represents a voice that isn’t afraid of saying what needs to be said.

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Elevate: Watch Here | Taken from Self Titled EP (2013)
Paris: Watch Here | Taken from Promo Video (2013)
False Idols: Watch Here | Taken from Single (August 2014)
Deceive And Defy: Watch Here | Taken from Single (November 2014)
2 Rotten: Watch Here | Single (2017)
Reprogram: Watch Here | Single (2019)

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Hacktivist – 2019

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Hacktivist – 2013
False Idols – 2014
Deceive And Defy – 2014
Outside The Box – 2016
2 Rotten – 2017 
Reprogram – 2019


LOGO – 2017


Hacktivist Bio – 2017