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How can we overcome our struggles with one another if we don’t fully understand the one raging inside ourselves? It’s this very question Hellions explore on Rue and there’s never been a better time for an album that explores this tussling duality the band describe as “the co-existence of a Jekyll and Hyde operating within a person at any one time”.

Rue builds upon the marriage of theatrical dynamics and thoughtful lyricism that defined the genre-melding Australian quartet’s critically acclaimed previous offering, 2016’s third collection Opera Oblivia. The resulting record is deeper and darker, with melodies that are more beautiful, and riffs that are more seismic.

Media highlights and accolades:

Opera Oblivia debuted at #4 on the ARIA Chart.

…Opera Oblivia is sonically spot on, scratches the right emotional spots, and is sure to be held up as a genre great.” – 4.5/5 theMusic

“With creative amplitude bellied in scope and a noxious eruption of passionate theatricality, Opera Oblivia redefines the band that redefined Australian hardcore – though never pulling so far from their vulnerable roots as to alienate earlier fans.” – 5/5 Blunt Magazine

If this isn’t one of the finest lyrical albums to come out of the Australian heavy scene in a long, long time, then I will happily eat my own ballsack.” – 9/10 I Probably Hate Your Band

Exhausting and outlandish; exhilarating and confident; Opera Oblivia showcases a rare talent for thinking outside the box.” – 4/5 Rolling Stone

“I know, we’re tired of hype. So am I. But this isn’t imaginary. This is real. Whether you agree or not, Opera Oblivia triumphs.”Hysteria Mag

“Opera Oblivia is their most defining piece of work to date and one of the most exciting things to happen in Australian music this year. It is a collection of carefully intertwined songs, structured as a theoretical presentation that tackles the vast subject of life. There are highs and lows with everything in-between – just how life can be.” Mixdown Mag

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Smile: Watch Here | Rue (2018)

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Die Young
Indian Summer
Opera Oblivia
24 / Jesus of Suburbia
X (Mwah)

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Hellions – 2018




Hellions – 2018 – BIO