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Sydney five-piece band Northlane released their fourth album, Mesmer, on March 24 with no forewarning and completely blindsided fans and the industry alike. Northlane were lauded for presenting the album directly to their fans in such an unorthodox and exhilarating manner, and since it dropped Mesmer debuted at #3 on the ARIA Chart and has been streamed nine million times. Among the excitement, Mesmer was received with a raft of acclaim and labelled “triumphant” and a “masterpiece” by critics, shaping Northlane into one of the most successful Australian heavy music exports today.

 Media highlights and accolades:

“Few bands combine razor-sharp proficiency with spine-shaking heaviness and a generalised, amorphous disaffection the way Northlane do.” – Rolling Stone

“This places Northlane in the highest tier of cutting-edge metal.” – Rock Sound

“We’re calling it: Northlane’s ‘Mesmer’ is a Bona Fide Masterpiece.” – The Music

“Bursting at the seams with ingenuity, Mesmer is set to take Northlane to skyscraper heights with its dynamic and progressive tonality.” – Currently Streaming

“Mesmer is a release that has re-imagined heavy music.” – SynFM

“Northlane are by far one of the most creative and innovative groups in the musical landscape and they have proven it once again with the release of ‘Mesmer.'” – Plug-In Mag

“Northlane are thinking so much bigger than what is expected of them, and in the process rendering futile any attempts to pigeon-hole them. Hats off, gentlemen”Blunt Magazine

“Northlane have managed to weave together myriad musical elements through an intensely heavy delivery.” 4.5/5 – The Music

“They chose not just to adapt, but to evolve” Music Feeds

“Node pushes metalcore in unexpected, progressive directions, and it does so with grace.”Rolling Stone

“This album is full of ambition, passion and precision.” triple j

“Node isn’t a completely new era; it’s a band wholeheartedly embracing what they’d previously only flirted with.” Rip It Up

“The production is a picture of crystal clear power, and the band’s subtle progressive edge ensures that the musicianship is just a touch above the rest.”Heavy Magazine

Mesmer #3 ARIA chart debut

Node #1 ARIA chart debut

ARIA award winner for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album for Node

Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) Award nomination for Node for Best Independent Heavy Album 2015

Singularity (2013) #3 ARIA chart debut

Singularity (2013) ARIA award nomination for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album

Singularity (2013) #1 triple j Short Fast Loud Album of the Year

Singularity (2013) #1 triple j The Racket Album of the Year

Social Media:

Website: http://northlaneband.com/ 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/northlane
Twitter: www.twitter.com/northlane 
Online Merch: http://www.24hundred.net/collections/northlane


Quantum Flux : Watch Here | Singularity (2013)
Dream Awake: Watch Here | Singularity (2013)
Rot: Watch Here | Single (2014)
Obelisk: Watch Here | Node (2015)
Impulse: Watch Here | Node (2015)
Intuition: Watch Here | Mesmer (2017)
Citizen: Watch Here | Mesmer (2017)
Solar: Watch Here | Mesmer (2017)

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Album Artwork

Discoveries – Album – Nov 2011 – HIRES
Worldeater – Single – Dec 2012 – HIRES
Singularity – Album – March 2013 – HIRES
Rot – Single – November 2014 – HIRES
Node – Album – July 2015 – HIRES
Mesmer – Album – March 2017 – HIRES


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