Country:- United States

Sleep Talk

Jacob Clement Vocals  |  Lewis Tito Guitar/Vocals  |  Josh Healey Bass/Vocals  |  Fraser Ray Guitar  |  Michael Belletti Drums


Heavy bands from Adelaide rarely move out of the sleepy suburbs and onto the national stage, but Sleep Talk are changing that with their uniquely precise-yet-frenetic brand of post-hardcore in the form of debut album ‘Everything In Colour’.

Having made their first statement with the Growing Pains EP in 2016, Sleep Talk threw themselves into creating a debut album that takes the details of everyday life and elevates them into something eccentric, exciting and artistic. “It’s important to be challenged sometimes,” says vocalist Jacob Clement. “You should never stop learning, and that’s not just at an academic level.”

The vision for ‘Everything In Colour’ was to turn small and personal moments into art that can be interpreted in a myriad of different ways that sprang from a place of honesty. The album is a commentary on the every-day struggle of modern routine, and how we all cope through this confusing and fascinating thing we call life.

“We just wanted to write an organic bunch of songs. We didn’t force anything or aim in a certain direction. We believed in each other’s abilities enough. We were excited and confident,” says drummer Michael Belletti.

The time has come for Sleep Talk to step out of their comfort zone and present a piece of work that reflects the artists’ true selves. This is a record for everyone. This is Everything In Colour.

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